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• 1/30/2015

Information about the War Of Omens 'verse and hero's

Should we put this on wiki somewhere?
There's a lot of info, and it's becoming hard to keep track of it
(see http://www.reddit.com/r/warofomens/comments/2tvrkn/war_of_omens_lore and http://forums.warofomens.com/discussion/1195/lore-snippets-from-devs)
Should we put this somewhere on forums?
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• 8/18/2014

Campaign Tag and Sergeant Fauz

I was wondering what everyone thought about adding the campaign tag to the "bosses" you fight in campaign mode. I've already added it to Anibaldo. Also for Sergeant Fauz, should we just use the Mercenary picture for him? Maybe flip it, since it appears to be the same guy.
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• 8/6/2014


I was thinking about restructruring the "main" parts of the wiki, combining a few pages and such. I've tweaked the main header a bit, and thinking of moving some content around as well, so that we have the following:
Game Info: Includes the parts about how the game works, mechanics etc, as well as play modes (Skirmish, Multiplayer, Campaign), and difficulties.
Cards: Make this page mainly about how cards work, and not just a listing of cards. move the info from packs, upgrades into here, and make a short list of cards for each faction, with a link to the faction for more detailed information.
What do people think?
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• 7/27/2014


What do you all think about adding the ducat from each faction on the same page? Since the only thing different about them is their looks.
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• 7/25/2014

New Release July 24th, 2014

New Features:

New Hero: Jesmai
New Card: Hedge Garden

Endazu charge maximums are now clearly presented on the card
Balance Changes:

Gilded Scribe has been revised
Gilded Warriors now cost 1 more
Reduced cost of The Yarakeen by 1
Arson now costs 1 more, but now hits for 7 instead of 6
Mayhem now forces both players to discard their allies
Increased Supplicant's life by 1
Militia now retaliates 25%, Mercenaries 50%, Soldiers 75%, Knights 100%
Catapult and Ballista have 1 more life. Catapult ignores intercept
Reduced cost of Rampart and Palisade by 1
Bishop costs 1 less and has 1 more life
Reduced cost of Synod by 2
Reduced cost of Warships by 1
Babarus's ability trigger increased to 40%
Reduced Serf's cost by 1
Golem's cost increased by 1
Halting Rebuke now begins with 2 charges, max 10
Endazu charges now default 20 max instead of 99 max
Argoreth Flower now has a max of 10 charges
Reduced cost of Sacred Tortoise by 1
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• 7/18/2014

New Release - July 16th, 2014

New Features:

New Card: Underworld Barge
Balance Changes:

Golem starts with 1 charge and each turn heals for each charge
Gilded Warriors now have life equal to their charges, and max at 5 charges
Reduced the cost of Argoreth Flower by 1
The Yarakeen can't be killed
Reduced cost of Gilded Scribes by 1
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• 7/17/2014

A few spelling mistakes and missing pictures

There are a few mistakes in the names of some cards that I can't fix.(Not really confident I can do it without messing it up) Gilded Scribe is actually Gilded Scribes. Which explains why I had so much trouble finding it's picture. And Coin and Pile is actually Cross and Pile. Obol Cornocuopia is Obol Cornucopia. And in regards to Fecund Charm and Patron's Pledge, they're only listed on either coin or the cards page.  Not on both.
I'm assuming some of these are known about, but it never hurts to bring it up.
On top of that, there are still quite a few cards, heros, and a coin missing pictures. I'm not sure how to get them. Unless we just decide to ask the creators of War of Omens for the missing picctures. o_O Either that or just wait.
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• 7/16/2014

Source Editor Lock

Does anyone know how to lock a page so it can only be edited in Source mode? It is like that for the card pages, but I want to make the Update History page like that too because everytime it is opened in the Visual Mode, uneccessary spacing is added.
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• 7/11/2014


TDT got hold of the original icons for resources, I've created template pages for them so they are now easily available by typing { {Gold}}, { {Life}}, { {Charge}} etc in pages (without the space ofcourse). I'll look at doing the same for rarities and factions later on.
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• 7/11/2014

New Release - July 9th, 2014

New Features:

New Card: Empowering Seal
Gain 50% more experience with heroes you won alternate outfits for
New alternate outfits: Sister Ysadora, Gretta, Babarus
Balance Changes:

Goat Poultice restocks a goat even if you don't have any in your deck
Apothecary restocks a random poison, even if you don't have any in your deck
Golem gains 1 life per turn
Tome of Memory begins with 3 charges with 5 max
Increased cost of Scroll of Petals by 1
Increased cost of Paper Vipers by 1
Reduced cost of Argoreth Flower by 1
Reduced cost of Gilded Warrior by 1
Increased life of Gilded Scribe by 1
Raktaba'an's ability triggers from any incantation, regardless of charge level
Birondelle's ability increased to 20%
Theodox's ability increased to 20%
Valdorian's ability increased to 40%
Poison, Waylay, and Ambush ignore intercept
Metris allies now have a 50% chance to save from being destroyed
Reduced cost of Informant by 1
Reduced cost of Bodyguard by 1
Reduced cost of Frame by 1
Apothecary now heals allies instead of saving destroyed allies
Consolidate now has a 50% chance to save destroyed allies
Satchel Bomb explodes in 2 turns instead of 3
Infiltrate and Subterfuge now trigger at the start of your turn
Increased cost of Colossal Aurochs by 1
Increased cost of Overseer by 1
Fertility Offering now puts the copy directly into play instead of your hand
Thanks to everyone for bearing with so many recent changes. With the release of the Endazu, many other cards needed a refresh. The bulk of these changes are now done, so the tempo of future balance updates should return to normal.
See More Here
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• 7/10/2014

How to Find Card Pictures

I posted this in a blog, but I figured it would get more attention on the forum.
Camarila was kind enough to provide the pictures for almost every single card. While that took a lot of work and I am thankful for her doing that, there is a better way to do it that will yield the highest quality possible and is much easier. I'm sorry _ but we will have to replace all the pics you uploaded :(
So here's how to do it:

Find the name of the card you want to get a photo for. For this example we will use the Misinformation card.
Go to http://draihvow2bzoy.cloudfront.net/static/img/cards/512x512/ambush.png
Change the name before the after the "512x512/" and before the ".png" to the name of your card. So for out example, the new link will be http://draihvow2bzoy.cloudfront.net/static/img/cards/512x512/misinformation.png
After you have your picture, save it.
Open it up in an image editing program. The simplest one to use is MS paint because ir opens up fast and is very easy to crop with. You can also use Paint.NET , Gimp , or any other program.
Crop it so there is no white space to the right. Please make sure the image is 345 by 512 pixels for consistancy.
Once you have your image cropped, just add it to the page.
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• 7/7/2014

Story and characters?

Hey there, possible new contributor here if I decide to stick around. I have a question.
I've dug around a bit (and yes, I had to dig) and found pages devoted to the Hero characters. My question is why do these pages only detail the effects of the heroes in-game, and not about the characters themselves? I think it would be good to include information about, say, Listrata's past and personality, along with those of the other factions if details about them emerge.
I ask becasue I think profile pages would be a worthy addition to the wiki. It's all canon information after all, and I'm really growing to love Listrata's character and all the lore surrounding this world.
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• 6/26/2014

Categorizing Cards

Can we not do the Allies/Action thing. It gets really confusing with other cards because they have charecteristics of both types. Let's just keep 4 categories. Cards, the faction, the sub-faction thing, and rarity. What do you guys think. It's a simple system that addresses all possible cards.
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• 7/11/2014

New Release - June 25th, 2014

New Features:
-New Card: Poem of Blight
-Campaign chapter 8
-You can now adjust visual quality to increase performance
Balance Changes:
-All of the Daramek Herd Cards have been revised!
-Ritual Slaughter now gives you 1 less resource, but the cost has been reduced to 2/1/0
-For all cards except Shepard, cancel attack has been replaced with intercept
-Attack source abilities have all been replaced with retaliate, which attacks randomly when struck
-When Mogesh uses his ability, he now attacks 1 less
-Sheperd now gives one random resource per herd in play instead of restocking herd
-Shrine of Rebirth has been lowered to 10%, but it's costs have been reduced to 6/5/4
-The cost of Shepard's Gift has been reduced by 1
-Lantern Scroll now starts with three charges
-Whispered Barbs now ignores intercept and it's cost has been increased by 1
-Increased the cost of Grave Contract by 1
-Increased the cost of Unstable Runes by 1
-Golem now costs 1 less
-Knight now has 50% retaliate when attacked
-Soldier now has 25% retailiate when attacked
-Reduced ost of Liturgy by 1
-Projectiles speed up each time they bounce
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• 6/26/2014

[Request] Can someone please provide a list of all the cards?

It would be very helpful. There are 130 cards I think.
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• 6/26/2014
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• 5/18/2014

Picture Compilation

I have made pictures for all of the Daramek and Vespitole cards and a handful of the Metris ones. I realized too late there was a way to get a higher quality on all of the pictures I cropped, as hovering over them brings a higher resolution picture. There was probably a better way to get pictures of the cards but I have like 0 experience with online pictures and did this in MSpaint.
Link to Google Drive Folder
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• 5/17/2014

Pages Missing Pictures

Hello everyone, please post links to the pages missing pictures here. If you have a picture for said page, please add it.
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