New Release - June 25th, 2014

New Features:

-New Card: Poem of Blight

-Campaign chapter 8

-You can now adjust visual quality to increase performance


Balance Changes:

-All of the Daramek Herd Cards have been revised!

-Ritual Slaughter now gives you 1 less resource, but the cost has been reduced to 2/1/0

-For all cards except Shepard, cancel attack has been replaced with intercept

-Attack source abilities have all been replaced with retaliate, which attacks randomly when struck

-When Mogesh uses his ability, he now attacks 1 less

-Sheperd now gives one random resource per herd in play instead of restocking herd

-Shrine of Rebirth has been lowered to 10%, but it's costs have been reduced to 6/5/4

-The cost of Shepard's Gift has been reduced by 1

-Lantern Scroll now starts with three charges

-Whispered Barbs now ignores intercept and it's cost has been increased by 1

-Increased the cost of Grave Contract by 1

-Increased the cost of Unstable Runes by 1

-Golem now costs 1 less

-Knight now has 50% retaliate when attacked

-Soldier now has 25% retailiate when attacked

-Reduced ost of Liturgy by 1


-Projectiles speed up each time they bounce