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• 7/10/2014

How to Find Card Pictures

I posted this in a blog, but I figured it would get more attention on the forum.

Camarila was kind enough to provide the pictures for almost every single card. While that took a lot of work and I am thankful for her doing that, there is a better way to do it that will yield the highest quality possible and is much easier. I'm sorry _ but we will have to replace all the pics you uploaded :(

So here's how to do it:

  1. Find the name of the card you want to get a photo for. For this example we will use the Misinformation card.
  2. Go to http://draihvow2bzoy.cloudfront.net/static/img/cards/512x512/ambush.png
  3. Change the name before the after the "512x512/" and before the ".png" to the name of your card. So for out example, the new link will be http://draihvow2bzoy.cloudfront.net/static/img/cards/512x512/misinformation.png
  4. After you have your picture, save it.
  5. Open it up in an image editing program. The simplest one to use is MS paint because ir opens up fast and is very easy to crop with. You can also use Paint.NET , Gimp , or any other program.
  6. Crop it so there is no white space to the right. Please make sure the image is 345 by 512 pixels for consistancy.
  7. Once you have your image cropped, just add it to the page.
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• 8/4/2014

The name of cards can be found in http://draihvow2bzoy.cloudfront.net/static/xml/v105490__cards.xml

All regular cards now have the correct picture available.

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