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• 7/11/2014


TDT got hold of the original icons for resources, I've created template pages for them so they are now easily available by typing { {Gold}}, { {Life}}, { {Charge}} etc in pages (without the space ofcourse). I'll look at doing the same for rarities and factions later on.

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• 7/11/2014

All Vespitole cards have been updated now; used the default template, added proper picture, and all icons and gametexts. Also did a cleanup on the categories; each card is now in Cards, Vespitole, Sub-faction and rarity. Those cards that did not have a quote, is added to the Missing Quote category.

Also started using the categories Wrong Picture to indicate which cards needs to be updated.

• 7/15/2014

Daramek has also been updated now, there were a handful of cards I couldn't find the image for.

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