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• 7/17/2014

A few spelling mistakes and missing pictures

There are a few mistakes in the names of some cards that I can't fix.(Not really confident I can do it without messing it up) Gilded Scribe is actually Gilded Scribes. Which explains why I had so much trouble finding it's picture. And Coin and Pile is actually Cross and Pile. Obol Cornocuopia is Obol Cornucopia. And in regards to Fecund Charm and Patron's Pledge, they're only listed on either coin or the cards page.  Not on both.

I'm assuming some of these are known about, but it never hurts to bring it up.

On top of that, there are still quite a few cards, heros, and a coin missing pictures. I'm not sure how to get them. Unless we just decide to ask the creators of War of Omens for the missing picctures. o_O Either that or just wait.

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• 7/28/2014

In general, you can just use the rename function on the Wiki. This will move all the content to a new page, and leave the old page as a redirect, ensuring that links aren't broken.

• 8/8/2014

I saw that, but was a little uncomfortable with doing it. Your description of the process makes it clearer than what I remember reading.

As for the heros and cards they just had different names in their links. :/

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