Captain Listrata

Captain Listrata is one of two heroes available at the start of the game - the other being Liet. She is the central character in the War of Omens universe, and has her own campaign mode for players to fight through while learning her story. Her campaign currently measures eight chapters.


Thanks in part to her years in Dalmiria, Listrata is a highly skilled tactician. She not only knows how to inspire an army, but also how to lead that army to victory. That said, she does not seem to hold the well being of her troops close to heart and she has shown that she has no tolerance for beliefs, at least as far as the realms of fairy tales are concerned. She is very realistic and blunt, and her beliefs seem to be rooted in what she can see.

Listrata holds a deep grudge against the Siani for the deaths of her parents, and will use any means to get her revenge. She is single-minded and holds little respect for those around her. Though she can be a sweet talker at times, she is ruthless when others try to get the better of her.


Listrata's father sent her away to Dalmiria to study in the art of war. It is unknown how old she was at the time, but she appears to be in her early twenties during that period. After a few years of studying, Regent Ashkar, Listrata's teacher during her years in Dalmiria, received word from Corma that Listrata's parents had been killed by the Siani. In response to this, Listrata set about planning her revenge through conquest...

Card infoEdit

Captain Listrata generates one Iconfood2 per turn. Players can use this to heal or pay for card activation. She is currently the only hero who can be used in campaign mode; whatever is in her deck will be used. As of yet, cards of other factions cannot be used to play that part of the game.

Her "Hero" card is Merchant Guild