War of Omens has three different types of card: "Normal" cards, Heroes, and Coins. The cards, Heroes, and Coins are divided among 4 rarities common, uncommon, scarce, rare and epic. All heroes and "normal" cards belong to one of the four factions, while coins can be used by any faction. See Game Mechanics for more information on how the game works.

New cards can be gained by buying packs.

Levels Edit

When opening a pack, you will eventually receive cards that you already have. Upon selecting a card that you already have, it will provide XP for that Faction, along with ingots for Crafting. Crafting is the only way to upgrade your cards.

Picking fully improved cards
RarityGem1 cards + 25 faction XP war of omens + 5 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem2 cards + 150 faction XP war of omens + 20 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem3 cards + 800 faction XP war of omens + 100 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem4 cards + 7500 faction XP war of omens + 400 Ingot war of omens

Each level of the card will lower the cost to buy it from the bank by 1, and will also allow you to use each level of a card as a separate card when building decks. Higher level cards also be visibly different: at level 2 the corners are marked with small marks on the corners, and at level 3 the mark becomes more elaborate and the name of text is in gold.


Coins don't gain levels when picked multiple times, instead you can use multiples of that coin in your decks.

Heroes also have levels, but gain experience in a different way. Every time you play a game with a hero, it will receive Experience equal to the IconWoOCoin earned in that game. Upon reaching level 4 with a Hero, a special Hero Card unique to that hero will be unlocked. Advancing the hero to level 8 and 28 will improve that card to level 2 and 3, respectively.

History Edit

Prior to the "New Economy Update" on 15 February 2018, cards were leveled in the following manner: When opening a pack, you will eventually receive cards that you already have. Upon selecting a card that you already have, it will make progress towards the next level. Cards have 3 levels: The first pick makes the card available at level 1, 4 more picks improves it to level 2, and 20 more picks (for a total of 25) improves it to level 3. Picking a card that's fully improved will instead grant experience to all heroes of that faction according to the rarity of the card. Cards can also be improved by Crafting.

Picking fully improved cards
RarityGem1 cards + 100 faction XP war of omens + 2.5 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem2 cards + 300 faction XP war of omens + 7.5 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem3 cards + 900 faction XP war of omens + 22.5 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem4 cards + 2700 faction XP war of omens + 67.5 Ingot war of omens
RarityGem5 cards + 2700 faction XP war of omens + 202.5 Ingot war of omens

Rarity Edit

Each card has a rarity, which determines how likely it is to be drawn from packs, as well as the cost of crafting that card. Higher rarity does not default to better cards, although many higher rarity cards are variations of lower cards, but more cost for higher output.

Packs Edit

New cards are available through card packs purchased from the store. All packs apart from the Gem pack is bought with silver earned from playing the game. When purchasing a new pack, a rarity is randomly determined, and three cards of that rarity is presented. The player then chooses one of the cards to gain or upgrade, and the other two are destroyed. The chance of getting a given rarity depends on the quality of the pack.

Type Cost Contains
Oak 100 IconWoOCoin RarityGem1 RarityGem2 RarityGem3 RarityGem4 RarityGem5
Silver 300 IconWoOCoin RarityGem2 RarityGem3 RarityGem4 RarityGem5
Gold 1000 IconWoOCoin RarityGem3 RarityGem4 RarityGem5
Gem 1 IconWoOGem RarityGem4 RarityGem5

Oak Pack Edit

Oak packs cost 100 IconWoOCoin, and are always available for purchase. They can contain any rarity and thus all cards in the game are available from Oak packs.

Silver Pack Edit

Silver packs cost 300 IconWoOCoin, and are unlocked for purchase after the player has paid for. They only contain Uncommon and better rarities.

Gold Pack Edit

Gold packs cost 1000 IconWoOCoin, and are unlocked for purchase after the player has paid for at least $10 of content and has won 200 games. They only contain Scarce and better rarities.

Gem Pack Edit

Gem packs cost 1 IconWoOGem, and are always available for purchase. They only contain Rare and Epic cards.

Factions Edit

Heroes Edit

There are currently 16 heroes available in the game, of which two are available from the start and the others can be found in packs. There are also 5 more exclusive heroes for Kickstarter backers, which are unavailable for anyone else.

Tournament play offers exclusive heroes, which only work in tournaments.

Type RarityGem2 RarityGem3 RarityGem4 RarityGem5 Exclusive
IconVespitoleSymbol Vespitole Captain Listrata Sofocatro Cardinal Pocchi Sister Ysadora Madam Aline Regent Marsh
IconDaramekSymbol Daramek Liet Esra Mogesh Babarus Orom Tazin
IconMetrisSymbol Metris Valdorian Theodox Birondelle Gretta Loquori
IconEndazuSymbol Endazu Raktaba'an Calipeth Jesmai Zalasair

Vespitole Edit

A more in-depth list of Vespitole cards is available here.

Power Prosperity Faith War
RarityGem2Bounty RarityGem4Banker RarityGem3Benediction RarityGem2Ballista
RarityGem2Bureaucrat RarityGem1Collect Taxes RarityGem4Bishop RarityGem3Catapult
RarityGem3Corruption RarityGem2Fief RarityGem3Devotion RarityGem4Knight
RarityGem1Courtesan RarityGem3Harvest RarityGem4Holy Wrath RarityGem6Lead the Charge
RarityGem1Courtly Intrigue RarityGem2Loan RarityGem4Inquisitor RarityGem2Marshal
RarityGem1Embargo RarityGem6Merchant Guild RarityGem4Liturgy RarityGem2Mercenary
RarityGem2Masquerade Ball RarityGem1Serf RarityGem3Malediction RarityGem1Militia
RarityGem6Spy Network RarityGem1Spice Route RarityGem2Prayer RarityGem2Palisade
RarityGem4Tribute RarityGem2Trade Company RarityGem3Sibylline Scrolls RarityGem3Rampart
RarityGem2Usury RarityGem1Vintner RarityGem2Supplicant RarityGem3Soldier
RarityGem1Wealthy Patron RarityGem3Synod RarityGem4Warship
RarityGem6Tithe RarityGem4Miracle

Daramek Edit

A more in-depth list of Daramek cards is available here.

Herd Rituals Slaves Idols
RarityGem4Aurochs Elixir RarityGem3Bloodlust RarityGem1Gold Panners RarityGem4Boar Fetish
RarityGem4Boar Unguent RarityGem4Carnage RarityGem1Lepers RarityGem4Herding Stones
RarityGem3Colossal Aurochs RarityGem4Ceremonial Dance RarityGem1Orphan Gang RarityGem3Sacred Tortoise
RarityGem3Dire Boar RarityGem2Cull the Herd RarityGem2Overseer RarityGem3Sacrificial Dais
RarityGem2Goat Outrider RarityGem3Feast RarityGem2Rat Catcher RarityGem2Serpent Altar
RarityGem3Goat Poultice RarityGem3Fertility Offering RarityGem6Sacrificial Lamb RarityGem2Shepherd's Gift
RarityGem2Herd of Aurochs RarityGem6Festival RarityGem1Scavengers RarityGem6Shrine of Rebirth
RarityGem2Herd of Boars RarityGem4Repopulate RarityGem2Scrivener RarityGem2Guthrak's Midden
RarityGem1Herd of Goats RarityGem1Rite of Brood RarityGem4Shepherd
RarityGem1Herd of Rats RarityGem1Rite of Combat RarityGem6Stampede
RarityGem3Rat Ointment RarityGem3Rite of Passage RarityGem2Starving Mob
RarityGem2War Rats RarityGem1Ritual Slaughter

Metris Edit

A more in-depth list of Metris cards is available here.

Murder Conspiracy Espionage Underlings
RarityGem1Ambush RarityGem4Clever Planning RarityGem4Burglary RarityGem4Apothecary
RarityGem4Arsenic RarityGem2Consolidate RarityGem2Embezzle RarityGem3Assassin
RarityGem3Arson RarityGem3Coordinate RarityGem3Forgery RarityGem3Bodyguard
RarityGem3Barrel Bomb RarityGem1Curry Favor RarityGem2Impersonate RarityGem3Brigand
RarityGem2Belladonna RarityGem1Deceit RarityGem4Misinformation RarityGem2Brute
RarityGem2Coup de Grâce RarityGem3Frame RarityGem3Ransack RarityGem4Charlatan
RarityGem3Hemlock RarityGem4Infiltrate RarityGem2Reconnaissance RarityGem4Cutpurse
RarityGem1Infighting RarityGem1Misdirect RarityGem1Robbery RarityGem2Informant
RarityGem6Mayhem RarityGem3Seduce RarityGem1Sabotage RarityGem3Lackey
RarityGem2Satchel Bomb RarityGem6Stratagem RarityGem6Stolen Plans RarityGem6Tavern Wench
RarityGem4Wagon Bomb RarityGem2Subterfuge RarityGem1Surveillance
RarityGem1Waylay RarityGem2Undermine

Endazu Edit

A more in-depth list of Endazu cards is available here.

Incantations Inscriptions Anima Goetia
RarityGem6Banishing Gust RarityGem3Empowering Seal RarityGem1Argoreth Flower RarityGem3Bishmog
RarityGem1Behold the Veil RarityGem2Enchanted Treaty RarityGem3Gilded General RarityGem1Blood Pact
RarityGem2Cantillation RarityGem3Engraved Urn RarityGem2Gilded Scribes RarityGem6Ibshuk
RarityGem1Halting Rebuke RarityGem2Grave Contract RarityGem1Gilded Warriors RarityGem4Merchant of Time
RarityGem4Odashir's Echo RarityGem2Lantern Scroll RarityGem3Golem RarityGem3Veil Warden
RarityGem2Poem of Blight RarityGem6Paper Vipers RarityGem6Hedge Guardian RarityGem4Zamgizar
RarityGem3Song of Spring RarityGem1Scroll of Petals RarityGem4Summoning Rift
RarityGem3Song of Spring RarityGem1Tome of Memory RarityGem4Underworld Barge
RarityGem2Whispered Barbs RarityGem1Unstable Runes RarityGem4The Yarakeen
RarityGem3Word of Unmaking RarityGem1Warding Circle


Each faction has their specific coin that function identically. Additionally, there are 13 more coins of Epic quality available from packs. For more on these, see here.

Coin Name
RarityGem5Bantling Crown
RarityGem5Cross and Pile
RarityGem5Diviner Charms
RarityGem5Ferryman's Toll
RarityGem5Fool's Geld
RarityGem5Fecund Charm
RarityGem5Graveline Drachm
RarityGem5Obol Cornucopia
RarityGem5Serpent's Seal
RarityGem5Swindler's Mark
RarityGem5Vicar Doubloon
RarityGem5Wergeld Seax
RarityGem5Wishing Coin

Campaign CardsEdit

There are some cards in the campaign that cannot be used in decks.

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