War of Omens Wiki

There are 10 coins in each deck by default, which are initially Ducat's when playing as Vespitole or Metris, Tauri's when playing as Daramek, and Dinar's when playing as Endazu. Despite the different names and looks, they all serve the same purpose and have the same value across all factions. Each player starts with 4 coins in hand, and the rest form the base of the deck.

Special Coins

There are several special coins in the game rewarding a basic gold, and a chance of getting a special unique effect.

Special coins can be rare, epic, reward based (exclusive to Kickstarter backers, gained from the Tournament, or purchasing a Humble Bundle) while the others are available in card packs. Two other coins can be unlocked by playing on:

  • Steam Platform: Steam Spintria (Gain 2 Icongoldcoin.png Pay 2 Icongoldcoin.png back over 2 turns - Epic)
  • Mobile: Laskari Twin Eagle (Starts with 1 charge. +1 Icongoldcoin.png for each charge On hold: 27% chance +1 charge)

These can be used to replace your 10 default coins, and if you collect multiples of a single coin it can be used that many times, with the exception of Geuzen, Laskari Twin Eagle, Steam Spintria, and Viaticum, which are each limited to 1 copy.[1]

Coin Basic Chance Special Effect Rarity
Laskari Twin Eagle 0 27% +1 Icongoldcoin.png for each charge On hold: chance +1 charge Epic
Steam Spintria 2 Icongoldcoin.png 100% Pay 2Icongoldcoin.png back over 2 turns Epic
Tenkai Penny 1 Icongoldcoin.png 14% Swap with opponents coin Scarce
Viaticum 0 100% +1 Skull Rare
Geuzen 0 100% +1 Iconfood2.png Rare
Ephraimite 1 Icongoldcoin.png 38% Replace with an Epic Coin Rare
Ferryman's Toll 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% +1 Skull Epic
Fool's Geld 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% Foe Loses 1 Resource Epic
Bantling Crown 1 Icongoldcoin.png 22% Attack Weakest Epic
Wishing Coin 1 Icongoldcoin.png 17% +1 Iconmagic.png Epic
Cross and Pile 1 Icongoldcoin.png 22% +1 Random Resource Epic
Serpent's Seal 1 Icongoldcoin.png 24% Feed hero Iconmagic.png Epic
Obol Cornocuopia 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% +1 Iconfood2.png Epic
Diviner Charms 1 Icongoldcoin.png 12% Draw a Card Epic
Vicar Doubloon 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% +1 Icongoldcoin.png Epic
Swindler's Mark 1 Icongoldcoin.png 12% Steal 1 Resource Epic
Champion's Paiza* 1 Icongoldcoin.png 10% Restock any card Reward
Fecund Charm 1 Icongoldcoin.png 12% Summon Conjured Argoreth Epic
Wergeld Seax 1 Icongoldcoin.png 15% Summon Berserkr Epic
Graveline Drachm 1 Icongoldcoin.png 9% Restock Fireship Epic
Peddler's Bezant 1 Icongoldcoin.png 100% +1 Icongoldcoin.png 25% chance: 1Icongoldcoin.png bank discount Epic
Franc Somnolent 1 Icongoldcoin.png 17% Summon Banewort Epic
Humble Offering** 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% Summon Cattle Reward
Patron's Pledge*** 1 Icongoldcoin.png 20% Transform into an ally, then +1 gold/turn Reward

(*) Awarded from leveling a Tournament Hero to 28

(**) Humble Bundle coin

(***) Kickstarter coin