A law is only as fair as the men who interpret it. Men with desires, fears, ambitions and secrets.


Notes Edit

Corruption is commonly used with Sofocatro (dubbing the name Soforuption) due to his ability which allows generation of Iconskull . It acts as a multiplier towards corruption as compared to other Vespitole heroes such as Pocchi who although can afford Corruption quicker, find it difficult to use as well. It particularly benefits with an upgraded loan, allowing a turn 1(or turn 2) buy. Cycling cards such as Courtly Intrigue, Collect Taxes or Spice Route assist in not only redrawing it, but providing a veritable quantity of other resources, with Courtly intrigue acting as a coin multiplier as well. Spice Route may be essential for retaliate focused enemies or enemies who draw out the fight. The typical finisher card used along Corruption is Bounty, or simple utilization of the skulls you may have generated so far.