Esra, one of the four Daramek heroes.

The Daramek (red) faction revolves around sacrificing slave and herd cards and using rites to generate resources and attack.

Daramek heroes have a unique method for keeping their board full, utilizing sacrifices and allies to draw out all their other allies, or other vital cards, directly, unlike the Vespitole faction's card cycling. Daramek decks tend to focus on either rite based decks or herd based decks, rather than both, for a more steady output. 

Babarus's Shrine of Rebirth can massively change the methodology for red decks, as it can allow multiple uses of cards in a single turn, which gives a noticeable boost to both styles of deck.

Heroes Edit

Daramek has 4 heroes available in the game, as well as two more that were available to Kickstarter backers. Liet is one of the starting heroes in the game, the others can be gotten from booster packs.

Heroes of Daramek
Hero Ability Rarity Card
Liet For each card you play, 15%: +1 random resource Starter Festival
Esra When drawing your hand: One drawn card is an ally RarityGem3 Stampede
Mogesh Feed Magic: Sacrifice strongest ally: Attack for victim's life RarityGem4 Sacrificial Lamb
Babarus When you gain a Iconfood2 or Iconskull, 50% chance it becomes Iconmagic RarityGem5 Shrine of Rebirth
Tazin When an enemy attacks: 25% chance: retaliate Kickstarter None
Orom On sacrifice ally: +1 random resource Kickstarter None

Cards Edit

Daramek's cards are divided into four categories: Herd, Rituals, Slaves and Idols.

Herd Edit

The Daramek can herd four different kinds of animal, each containing 3 cards with similar titles: A potion, a herd animal and a war animal.

Daramek Herd Cards
Name Rarity Cost Effect
Herd of Rats RarityGem1 2

On Turn: Foe loses 1 resource.

War Rats RarityGem2 5

On Turn: Attack x2

Rat Ointment RarityGem3 4

Restock Herd of Rats
Sacrifice a Herd of Rats: Gain a War Rat

Herd of Goats RarityGem1 4

On Turn: +1 Random resource.

Goat Outrider RarityGem2 8

Intercepts, retaliates.
Dodges 50% of attacks.

Goat Poultice RarityGem3 4

Restock Herd of Goats.
Draw Herd of Goats
Activate all goats

Herd of Boars RarityGem2 6

On turn: attack.
When killed: +2 random resources.

Dire Boar RarityGem3 10

On Turn/Feed: Attack x3. Sacrifice weakest ally.

Boar Unguent RarityGem4 4

Restock Herd of Boars
Activate all boars.
Feed hero Iconmagic.

Herd of Aurochs RarityGem2 8

On Turn: +2 Random resource.
When life reduced to 0, 25% chance: Return to hand.

Colossal Aurochs RarityGem3 13

On Turn: Attack x5 When life reduced to 0, 50% chance: Return to hand.

Aurochs Elixir RarityGem4 4

Restock Herd of Aurochs
Fully heal all allies.
Activate all aurochs.

Rituals Edit

Daramek's rituals are about sacrificing allies for a greater effect, or boosting the playing of cards from your hand.

Daramek's Rituals
Name Rarity Cost Effect
Ritual Slaughter RarityGem1 2

Pick an ally to sacrifice
Gain random resources equal to victim's life +1.

Cull the Herd RarityGem2 3

Sacrifice weakest ally
Draw 3 allies. Play one, discard the other 2.

Feast RarityGem3 5

Sacrifice weakest ally
Draw 2 allies.

Repopulate RarityGem4 7

Sacrifice weakest ally
Draw 3 allies

Fertility Offering RarityGem3 4

Sacrifice random ally.
Copy that ally.

Festival RarityGem6 (Liet) 4

abilities = Sacrifice weakest:
Draw and restock a ritual
Won't dredraw/restock Festival

Rite of Combat RarityGem1 6 Until end of turn: For each card you play, Attack.
Bloodlust RarityGem2 5 Pick an enemy: Attack it until dead
Carnage RarityGem4 8

Sacrfice all allies.
For each Life sacrificed: Attack

Rite of Brood RarityGem1 7 Until end of turn: For each card you play, +1 random resource.
Rite of Passage RarityGem3 10 Until end of turn: For each card you play: Feed hero Iconmagic
Ceremonial Dance RarityGem4 8

abilities = Next card you buy: Gain a copy
Can't copy itself.

Slaves Edit

Daramek's Slaves
Name Rarity Cost Effect
Gold Panners RarityGem1 4

On turn/feed/play: +1 Icongoldcoin.

Lepers RarityGem1 4

If attacked: Retaliate

Orphan Gang RarityGem1 4

On turn/feed/play: Attack weakest.

Scavengers RarityGem1 5

On turn/play: +1 random resource.
When life reduced to 0, 50% chance: return to hand

Overseer RarityGem2 6

When you play an ally: Activate that ally.

Rat Catcher RarityGem2 6

On turn/play: draw ally, except Rat Catchers.

Scrivener RarityGem2 6

On turn/play: Draw a rite
Play ritual: +1 resource
Can't be sacrificed

Starving Mob RarityGem2 4

On turn/feed/play: Foe loses 1 resource.

Shepherd RarityGem4 9

Cancel 2 attacks/turn.
On turn, for each herd: +1 random resource.

Sacrificial Lamb RarityGem6 (Mogesh) 3

Always sacrificed first.
When sacrificed: +1 resources, feed hero Iconmagic

Stampede RarityGem6 (Esra) 5 All allies attack

Idols Edit

Idols stay on the field permanently when played. They have a variety of effects, mainly resource generation. Many Idols are activated by feeding your hero magic

Daramek's Idols
Name Rarity Cost Effect
Serpent Altar RarityGem2 5 When your hero attacks, 25% chance: attack
Shepherd's Gift RarityGem2 6 Each turn: +1 random resource
Sacred Tortoise RarityGem3 4 Feed your hero Iconmagic: +1 Icongoldcoin.
Sacrificial Dais RarityGem3 6 Sacrifice an Ally: +1 random resource
Boar Fetish RarityGem4 6 Feed your hero Iconmagic: Attack.
Herding Stones RarityGem4 4 Feed hero Iconmagic: +1 charge

4 charges: Gain a random herd

Shrine of Rebirth RarityGem6 (Babarus) 6 When you discard a card, 10% chance: It returns to your hand.