Men will always fight harder for a lord with battle scars.

Sister Ysadora

Sister Ysadora is a hero that can be found by buying cards for silver in the store. She seems to be based on a Joan of Arc figure, and when found in the Campaign, mentions that she hears the voice of God. 

Her rarity is Epic, and her "Hero" card is Lead the Charge.

Personality Edit

Ysadora is the church's assassin, personally carrying out the faction's dirty work in the name of God. Her skill is recognizable even by Listrata after opposing her, and of all Vespitole heroes, she seems to be the one who is more willing to fight alongside her soldiers.

Not bearing the Vespitole name, she is the only hero of the faction who does not seem inherently corrupt or selfish, at least intentionally. Even in the defeat, Ysadora always seems to believe her actions are for God and no one else, and said entity is the only being she truly serves, rather than the church. Still, Ysadora seems somewhat easy to manipulate, being treated like a living weapon to be unleashed on whoever her superiors deem as a threat, and thus call "enemies of God".


When Ysadora attacks, 75% chance: Feed Hero.

Things to rememberEdit