Sofocatro is a Vespitole hero, found by buying packs in the store for silver. He wears a venetian mask, and most of his body is covered, however a part of his neck is visible, revealing his skin. 

He has an alternate outfit available that allows you to save an additional deck. It also gives 50% experience bonus just for this hero. It costs 3 gems.

Sofocatro is of Scarce rarity, and his "Hero" card is Spy Network.

Personality Edit

While Sofocatro never appears throughout the game's campaign, his quotes and general abilities are revealing enough to assume his character. On first glance, Sofocatro seems to be a cynical elitist, devaluing the lives of everyone below him. Given his ability to generate a skull per turn, and his venetian mask fit for a Masquerade Ball, it is also heavily implied that he is experienced in courtly intrigue, so much that he might even enjoy it.

Sofocatro's identity behind the mask is unknown, at least to the players, which enables some speculation about his actual bloodline and intentions.


Sofocatro generates one Iconskull per turn.

Things to rememberEdit

Iconskull can be used to pick off problematic allies on the opponent's side of the table, though this technique is not effective vs swarm decks. It's usually best to preserve the Iconskull for as long as possible, using them only when necessary or to finish the enemy's hero.

Sofocatro works best forming a very powerful combo when used with Corruption, especially if reinforced by Bounty, Masquerade Ball, Courtly Intrigue and Tribute - it's quite easy to get 100+ Icongoldcoin by cycling Corruption with ~20 Iconskull saved, making Bounty an insta-kill effect.